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Why YouFindPro?

The system YouFindPro provides complete information about each specialist, so you won’t have to choose the expert based solely on your short conversation with him/her.

Each specialist receives a personal virtual office: in such a way experts can tell about themselves, present samples of their work, specify working hours, city and country in which they can work.

The following information is pointed out as well:

  • Hours and areas of activities
  • Specialties
  • Portfolio
  • References (checked by the system).
  • Profile and experience
  • Tariffs and special services
  • Advices concerning specific fields

At any time you can visit any expert’s virtual office, view information concerning tariffs and special services, see photographs of works. Based on this information you can choose a professional best for you.

YouFindPro: advantages for professionals

Specialists of YouFindPro have a great opportunity to get a work performing request from those customers who have got to know their past works and terms of cooperation. It will allow to achieve understanding and agreement on future projects.

There is no need to spend a deal of money on advertising in magazines and newspapers for professionals who offer their services with YouFindPro. There is no need to pay for the creating of their own website and its promotion as well (for example, using Google or Facebook). There is too much doubt in such a situation. Are you sure that customers need you?

Will you be in demand? Are you sure that customers know about you?

Will they be interested in you when they are looking for a specialist?

A similar method has already mastered in many countries: it became clear – a person looking for some product or service prefers to seek necessary where there is a much wider choice of goods or services.

Thus YouFindPro is not just the unique system, but something similar to a «mart». Many professionals, experts, companies and service providers of various fields are distributed to their specialties. And employees of this «mart» will ensure clarity and accuracy of its functioning, giving all answers.

During designing of our system we realized that technology aren’t the most important thing, but quality established collaboration among people. On the one hand it is a client who wants to get a great result and is ready to pay for it, but on the other hand it is a specialist who can provide a quality service and want to get a fee for it. The acquaintance and relationship among people form the basis of YouFindPro.

So it was no surprise that many experts saw the benefits of YouFindPro want to register here, getting a bonus as a well designed virtual office.

Join us! We have:

  • More customers
  • More checked by the system references
  • More opportunity for everyone

And our specialists can earn higher returns!

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