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Professional Cleaning and maintenance services

 Considering the active rhythm of modern life, constant employment of work, we do not always have the time to pay attention to all the household chores. And, as a rule, to carry out general cleaning of the premises is rarely obtained. But do not forget that the order and cleanliness not only help to put our thoughts to the place, but also create a sense of spiritual harmony, and under certain circumstances, contribute to the rise of the creative mood.

 Also, necessary to consider that complex cleaning and maintenance requires special chemicals, appliances, tools and expertise. Therefore, in order to restore general order in the premise should be invited to the aid of   an experienced specialist.

 You can find him by using our site YouFindPro. The search takes no more than five minutes, and the result will exceed all your expectations. In our database of performers there are experts on cleaning and maintenance of buildings in all directions. You can contact by phone with each of them and clarify any information. All performers registered on the server YouFindPro, tested and guarantee quality work.

 What services of cleaning and maintenance of premises to take advantage of the customer chooses, after agreeing with the list of the executive side. Standard daily cleaning includes:

  • Wet and dry cleaning of hard surfaces on the floor;

  • Wipe the surface of furniture, baseboards;

  • Vacuuming a soft floor covering, carpet;

  • Cleaning of mirrors, glass shelves, doors, glass tables, etc .;

  • Rubbing wall hanging equipment, windowsills, heating systems;

  • Removal from the walls of local pollution;

  • Gathering of waste from dustbins and replacing disposable garbage bags;

  • Disinfection and processing of devices plumbing, bathrooms, cleaning the tiles on the walls and floor.

 The customer can add to the list of works, in his sole discretion, with having paid extras.

 Company service of premises and private specialists offer other kinds of work, including not only the daily cleaning of the home. These include: cleaning after repair, washing of facades and windows, maintenance, land improvement.

 Maintenance of premises meant by a solution to the problems related with small breakdowns of furniture, furnish of houses damaged, blown light bulbs, sockets and switches malfunction, clogged sewer drains, etc.

All these and other questions the specialists are able to solve of our service YouFindPro.