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  Workers sometimes leave even the friendly team, for example accountants. And then each leader faces a problem - how to find an accountant, experienced and qualified.

To do this, use a simple, but at the same time, effective rules of staff recruitment.  

  1. Use the probationary period. Not always the first impression about the specialist is true outwardly the perfect employee may be, during the activity, conflictual and quarrelsome.

  2. Increased load for the first time. This rule helps to understand the accountant and the head it will be enough strength to perform the most difficult tasks.

  3. Give the questions and tasks of the new employee. In this case, a good accountant will be able to show all his skills, and show how he is able to overcome and solve non standard tasks.

 A good accountant should have the knowledge and skills in such directions:

  • The basis of laws and regulations;
  • Accounting software and the ability to work into them;
  • Features of the system of taxation for certain companies;
  • The ability to count and tax consultations.

 Select an accountant can be in the interview process, it is desirable to study in detail his resume and a letter of recommendation from last company. During the conversation, you can offer potential candidates to pass a little test to identify the necessary abilities and skills for further work at the firm.

 Find a new employee you can online YouFindPro. There is a wide choice of professionals of any profile. You can save time by using the quick search service performers. To do this, you only need to enter your mobile phone number to a specific line of the site and soon best accountants will contact with you. In addition, the service YouFindPro provides its customers the most comfortable conditions, so now our application is available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

 Choose a qualified accountant on our server, and do not worry about the quality of his work. Only proven and reliable professionals registered with the team YouFindPro. You also have the opportunity to find the best specialist in your region by monitoring the information about him and review of previous customers. Working with us, you get the main thing - security, tranquility and guarantee.