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IT & Web Services

 Presently it is difficult to imagine a life without computer and the Internet. Now almost all people use computer technology, because they not only help to diversify leisure, but also able to make productive our work and training. However, from time to time our assistant loses its initial performance and malfunctions may occur. Therefore, we periodically have to resort to such a popular for today services such as repair of computer equipment and setting up a network of Internet.

 Experts of service YouFindPro help to resolve any issues related to the computer and installing the virtual network. Our masters are ready to help at a convenient time for you, to do the job quality and on time.

 Types of computer help services provided by our performers at home:

  • Prompt service on a call of the customer - single assistance;

  • Installation and re-installation of a full package of Windows;

  • Diagnostics, modernization of computer equipment;

  • Troubleshooting in the system work;

  • Removal of viruses, the installation of anti-virus software;

  • Setting up Internet (local network, router, Wi-Fi);

  • Repair and optimization laptop computer;

  • Cartridges, setting printer / scanner;

  • Complex service the computer.

The toolkit, which should be included in every experienced master computers:

  1. Spare power supply. Most often, it is in this component failure occurs, and therefore need to be replaced.

  2. Multi-type of connector that can connect all kinds of cables.

  3. Adaptors of different configurations.

  4. Video Card, with which you can determine the cause of breakage and examine it on a medium client.

  5. Data availability of software on the flash card. Software will provide an opportunity at any time to install those or other programs.

  6. The presence of the Internet on the mobile phone. Provide access to the network in the right situation.

 Use the services of a specialist in the service of computer equipment using our website is simple enough. You must in a search line to specify which specialist you need and choose a city from the drop down list. Then, go to the list of performers and get acquainted with the full range of their services, guest reviews and comments. Either to leave phone number on the website and within a few minutes you will receive several offers from appropriate specialists. Our masters operatively and with a guarantee resolve your problem.