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Property valuation

Probably every person having any real estate, sooner or later uses the services of an appraiser. However, not always «the newcomers» understand in which cases need to do a valuation of the property.

 The main objectives for the evaluation of the property:

1) The sale or lease of real property;

2)  The making an object as a deposit;

3) The formation with the help of real estate the authorized capital of the company;

4) Taxation and insurance of object.

 In general, the real estate appraisal is performed when it is necessary to know the most probable amount that can be obtained for this or that object in the case of confiscation of property rights. At the same time, take into account market conditions. The expert assesses such objects as:

  •  Apartments, houses, individual rooms;
  •  Land for construction, garden and country sites;
  •  Warehouses, offices, private offices and other buildings;
  •  Roadside constructions;
  •  Bridges, roads and more.

 Today there are many organizations and individual experts who offer their services for the evaluation of real estate and other facilities. But really professional in this field is not so easy to find.

 Responsibilities which should know and perform professional appraiser

  1.  Independently collect the information for quality assessment;
  2.  To establish the probable cost of the object, taking into account the various factors that having an impact on price;
  3.  To advise client on all interesting questions, to interact with him;
  4.  To prepare expert reports on the work done.

 In addition, the assessor must have the university profile diploma or certificate of special training, an experience in the evaluation, to know the basic office programs, to offer the best quality professional.

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