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Job security guard

 Shopping malls, offices, cultural and sports objects, private cottages, restaurants and other public catering establishments - all of these places it is difficult to imagine without protection. It provides a sense of security in the community. After all, if your security has been called into question, you would hardly have agreed to be in such a place.

 Each firm to hire security guards should be very careful approach to the selection of candidates. Their work depends on human life and integrity of the property. So before you use the services of a security company, you need to become familiar with the market and pay attention to these points:

  1. Cost of services. If the guard offers standard protection services, but its price is much lower than the market, then it is worth considering if he is a good specialist. Because as people saying goes "free cheese is only in a mousetrap."
  2. Presence of own office. If the firm does not have the office, it is most likely indicative of bad faith performers. You also need to pay attention to the legal address of the company it must match the actual location.
  3. The presence of a valid license at the company and individually for each employee. All guards must obtain a license to work in accordance with the decree of the relevant authorities.
  4.  Appearance of employees of the security agency. This is quite an important point, because the first impression of a company or institution will consist exactly on the basis of the appearance of its staff and guards.
  5. The right to carrying of arms. It should be asked whether there the relevant documents authorizing the use of any weapons.
  6. The presence of official vehicles and technical equipment. It should be clarified that it is at the disposal of the company for the protection.

 Our service YouFindPro offers to use services of the best guards and protection agencies, which passed professional test by administration. Performers registered on YouFindPro, have the relevant documents, which confirm their qualifications. In addition, the customer has the opportunity to view not only the range of suitable experts, but also read reviews of done work. Our experts will provide you and your property complete security and guarantee impeccable quality of work.