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education of the child

  Examinations, UPE, scientific works and tests - all this causes great difficulties for the youth of today. Over the years, the requirements for knowledge of students increase, but the quality of school education, unfortunately, remains at the same level. Teachers teach the lessons, most of all, according to the program many years old. And the information in textbooks for school children has long been outdated. How to get a good education and at the same time successfully pass the final exams? This question is given by many families. There is a solution: to find a competent tutor. However, you must be approached with great responsibility to the search, because it is from his teaching will depend the successful training of your child.  

 How to identify a professional tutor

  1. Presence of experience. This is a mandatory requirement to the teacher, it is important, that he had an experience, not only group lessons but also private. Only with time teacher can accumulate the ability to understand the student and find the approach to it, and the ability to get out of any conflict. In addition, an experienced tutor can properly organize lessons and fold a complete picture of the subject in advance to keep in mind the end result and go to it.

  2. Preparation and planning time. This criterion indicates the responsibility of the teacher, the ability to thoroughly plan his lesson and the day in general. A professional teacher will not take more than 5 lessons per day because preparation for each of them takes about the same time. In addition, thorough lesson planning will make it possible to hold a child's interest throughout the theme.

  3. The use of specially selected materials. Professional does not use in the work any manuals and textbooks, he picks only the best, high-quality materials - structured, visual, competently composed. Also he has a variety of additional methods of effective learning: audio, video tutorials, print and e-books, etc.

  4. Tracking the results of his work. An experienced teacher during and at the end of a course of lessons monitors and assesses its effectiveness. It occurs through a survey of pupils and their parents, a comparison with the initial level of knowledge of achieved result through a review of foreign observers the child's progress.

  5. Regular self-development and self-education. A good tutor should always be engaged in the development in the industry taught. After all, only possession of new ideas and methods allows the teacher to remain always interesting for his pupils and spend really informative lessons.

  6. Professional quality. Every teacher should possess such personal qualities: punctuality, consistency, ability to find common language with all the students, kindness. Communication is based on trust, not suppressing pupil interest in the subject.

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