Terms and conditions

Agreement on the use of the resource on www.youfindpro.com (hereinafter called the "Agreement")

  1. The terms used in this Agreement are: -
    • Company – "Kolody Industries Limited (Global Partners) and "GlobalPact International Holdings" (Indian partners) www.youfindpro.com – You Find Pro-India
    • Site, Resource - Internet resource www.youfindpro.com
    • Administration - employees of the Company, as well as persons authorized by the Company to manage the Resource and provide the Services to Visitors within the framework of the use of the Site.
    • Services - a set of computer programs, databases, ensuring the functioning of the Site, as well as a set of Services to users when using the Site.
    • Visitor - any physical person over age 18, who uses the Resource.
    • User - visitor who have passed the registration procedure. By the term “User” in this Agreement are referred to as Verified users and the rest user who have not passed the registration process are called unverified users.
    • Login - user's email address chosen during registration and is used on the Site. It is forbidden to register and use multiple logins by the same visitor.
    • Password - a set of characters, user select independently and it provides user's identification in conjunction with login.
    • Unverified user – it is User who has not passed registration, in accordance with Section 4 of the Agreement.
    • Verified user – it is User who passed the verification, in accordance with Section 4 of the Agreement.
    • Client / Customer - User who have passed registration procedure. User or Company interested in performing specialist work, provision of services.
    • Specialist / Professional - Verified user who have been accepted by the client / customer for the execution of the job.
    • Application - proposal on conclusion of the transaction posted on the website by the Customer and which addressed to interested specialists
    • Virtual Office - personal cabinet of Specialist located on the Company site, with user's information about himself, his qualification, the region, work experience. For verified users in the virtual office there is information about the categories, a description of the business, logo, photos, and time of work, the cost of provided services, reviews and recommendations.
    • Company services - services provided by the Company to verified users for providing information on placement on the Site the application of the customer and the possibility to accept it (perform).
    • Acceptance of the offer - the full acceptance by Visitors of the Agreement on use of Resource www.youfindpro.com through the implementation of actions for use of the Site www.youfindpro.com
      In this Agreement may be used terms not defined in section 1 of the Agreement. In this case, the interpretation of the term shall be in accordance with the text of the Agreement. In case of absence of an unambiguous interpretation of the term in the text of the Agreement should be guided by the interpretation of the term specified on the Site www.youfindpro.com established on the Internet.
  2. General provisions website www.youfindpro.com and all electronic material related to the site, are the property of the founders of the company and made available for the collection of information and processing of your data. The resource makes no warranties in respect of the provided information, content and posted materials on it. The site also is not limited to the purpose of commercial marketing.Becoming acquainted with the rules of the website, you agree that developers, directors, employees, and other representatives of the site are not responsible for any damage or errors which have arisen as a result of any operation, using or content of the site. Limitation of liability has complex character and includes damages of any kind (indirect, direct and incidental damages).
  3. Registration of the User: A person who wishes become a Customer / Professional shall be obliged to register on the corresponding page of the Resource. By registering the Customer / Professional receives his chosen Username and Password. Do not use a nickname which have already used by another Customer / Professional or offends the Visitors, Company, Administration, third persons.At registration on the site the User must provide to the Administration of Site the reliable and actual information for the formation of personal user page, including unique for each user Login (email address) and Password of access to the Site, and the name and surname. User is responsible for authenticity, timeliness, completeness of the information which provided by him on the Site, as well as he must save the password in secret from third persons. Company is not liable in case of violation of the rights of the User by third persons, which got unauthorized access to a pair of Login plus Password of the Customer / Professional. Registration fee charged by company is non-refundable.
  4. Verification of the User: After passing registration procedure the User can pass the Verification procedure that includes interviews with a company representative over the phone, as well as the provision of the personal data and their confirmation. In case of necessity for the passage of verification the Company reserves the right for confirmation the identity by using the passport data. The use of certain Services of the Company is possible only after Verification. The administration has the right to refuse the User Verification without explaining the reasons for the refusal, regardless of the expenses and efforts incurred by the User during the Verification procedure.
  5. Responsibility for the provision of service: Service provider (www.youfindpro.com) gives a guarantee to the customer on execution of the service by Specialist. If Specialist performed his work badly and took the money for this, the service provider is obliged to perform the work by other Professional and at the expense of Specialist. Service provider has the right to delete the Specialist from the list who performed work not qualitatively. Registered specialist who has been paid for the service by the customer has to refund the money within 7 days. Service www.youfindpro.com obliged to return the money, deducting the bank charges. The initial registration charges shall not be refundable in any case.
  6. Pricing policy and sales: In case if the Company receives a product/service with incorrect price because of an error in the printing, or errors in the transmission of information about prices, Resource has the right to cancel any orders. www.youfindpro.com has the right to refuse or cancel the order if the order confirmation has not been received. And also in case if credit card or the account is blocked at payment of good for which the calculation is performed.
  7. Conclusion of privacy policy: Getting the order confirmation on www.youfindpro.com does not mean the adoption to processing of data and the subsequent registration of the transaction. www.youfindpro.com has the right at any time to accept and process your order as well as to refuse or to carry out its abolition. Information after placing the order of the product is transferred to employees of Resource, who may at any time make an application to active form, without prior notice to the buyer about this. Certain orders placed must first be registered with the indication of the payment method, which is set by sales department. Resource reserves the right to carry out additional checks before processing of information and sending the order to the customer.
  8. Methods of payment: We accept all major credit cards/Debit Cards such as Visa, MasterCard. You do not pay extra for a purchase with a card on our website. Please do not forget to indicate your exact address and number for billing, as well as phone number and credit card number of your bank. Incorrectly specified data may result in a delay in processing your order. On your credit card will be billed on the fact of sending and processing of your order. Payment can be through Money transfers, company cheques, DD and Online Payment. We also accept cash money through direct deposit in the Company account. The order immediately enters to the processing when receiving the money order or bank cheque. Please read the instructions how to use the payment by one of the listed methods.
  9. Guarantee of security: Shopping in www.youfindpro.com is safe and secure. There is encryption technology SSL on our resource, so here shopping is more secure than using a credit card in a store or restaurant. Our server software provides encryption all information that you provide, ensuring that your transactions will remain confidential and safe. Any illegal use of your credit card will be reported to the company of your credit card, in accordance with the rules and procedures. In addition, you can be sure that the information you provide is private and confidential. We do not exercise sell, rent or exchange of information about our customers.
  10. Guarantee of Work: www.youfindpro.com can provide opportunities to Professionals of different categories but we do not guarantee a confirmed business to the registered professional.
  11. Responsibility Responsibility in case of legal action shall carry the Companies «Kolody Industries Limited (Global partner) and GlobalPact International Holdings (Indian Partner)», Registered at New Delhi and governed by Law of India.